Pricing plans

A.I. Generated Videos for Every Step of Your Customer's Journey

Turn readers into viewers. Turn leads to paying clients. Create a personalized experience.

Dynamic Video Ads

For Markters & Agencies

  • Structured Data to Video Ads
  • Text-Based Ads → Video Ads
  • Spreadsheet to Video Ads
  • Dynamic Video Ads
  • Push to Ad Networks & Social Platforms
  • Social Video Formats (1:1 and Vertical)
  • Choose from thousands of videos from our media providers (including videos from Getty, Storyblocks, and more).

Automated Video Content

For Content Marketers

  • RSS-to-Video
  • Blog-to-Video
  • Automated Data Journalism
  • Data-to-Video Creation
  • Data-to-Infographic
  • Social Video Formats (1:1 and Vertical)
  • Personalized Video Journalism — Specific to a viewer's tastes and interests

Product Listing Videos

For Ecommerce

  • Catalog Feed-to-Video
  • Dynamic Product Videos
  • Ability to Link Videos to CRM
  • Video Email Drip Campaigns
  • Personalized Landing Pages

Video Personalization

CRM Video for Brands

  • Videos from Data Points
  • Personalized Video E-mail
  • Data-Driven Lead Nurturing VIdeos
  • Integration with CRM
  • Upsell & Rewards Videos

All Plans Include:

Full HD 1080p

All of your videos will be in 1080p.

Unlimited Storage

We have enough storage to hold your videos.Want to host it elsewhere? We can migrate content to Vimeo, Box, Dropbox and Drive.

Customization Features

Vedia has text effects, font customization, transition effects, and pre-fabricated layouts that can be applied to your ads.

Music Library

Our music library will allow you to choose music that best fit your video.

Voice Narration

Use our voice narration tool to create a better experience for your viewers.

Download as MP4

Vedia allows you to download videos MP4 format for use anywhere MP4 files are accepted.

Social Video Formats (1:1 and Vertical)

Aside from standard format (16:9) Vedia offers square videos (1:1) and vertical videos (9:16), ideal for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration enables a team of users to work on the same Vedia account.

Integrations with Ad Networks & Social Sites

Export videos to your go-to networks. Whether it's Google Ads, Youtube, or Facebook, send videos and optimize ad spend with video.

Live Chat

Use our chat widget to troubleshoot any errors on the spot.

Video Chat Support

Need further assistance? We'll be able to assist you via Video Chat.