Automated Video Content

Add Speed, Scale, and Automation to Your Video Production.

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Auto-generate Social Videos from Blogs, RSS Feeds & Data

Vedia’s feed & text to video automation enables publishers and content marketers to generate thousands of videos from existing text articles and data sets.

Article to Video

Summarize blog posts, and news articles in video format. Simply enter the URL and let Vedia scan the text for the main ideas and assemble a video summary.

Feed to Video

Instantly generate video recaps from your top headlines or RSS feeds complete with voice narration by using our automated feed to video workflow.

Data Journalism to Video

Transform structured data into compelling social videos andanimated infographics to increase engagement and reach new audiences.

For Content Marketers

Video Content Automation

Video marketing budgets are booming as video consumption has skyrocketed. Brands now realize that video the most powerful tool to earning trust, building a brands, and generate organic traffic. Vedia enables you to easily make videos a scalable, seamless part of your content creation process.

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Use Vedia for all of your video initiatives. Create unique videos in seconds.

For Digital Publishers & News Sites

Feed and Article to Video Automation

Vedia’s video automation offers digital publishers one of the most innovative ways to incorporate video into their properties to help them increase engagement with their audiences —differentiate from their competitors and monetize with programmatic video ad revenue. Through Vedia, publishers can instantly have a one-to-one match of text articles to videos.

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Use Vedia to create videos out of your RSS feeds and even from your blogs. Provide us with URLs and let our ai generate videos.

Publish in Social Video Formats

Social media comes in many shapes and forms that is why Vedia makes it easy for digital publishers and content marketers to automatically generate videos in a variety of formats such as landscape, square and vertical. Vedia also enables them to publish directly from our platform to connect with their audiences on the social channels they care about.

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Vedia can create videos that can be used on social media sites, including facebook and instagram

Leverage the Power of Video

Video Content is King

52% of marketing professionals say video content has the highest ROI. - Invisia

Increase Organic Traffic

Video content on average leads to a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. - Brightcove

Get More Backlinks

Blog posts incorporating video attract three times as many inbound links as blog posts without video. - SEO Moz

Enhance Your Posts with Video

26% of total marketing budgets are allocated to Content Marketing - Technavio