CRM Powered Video

Automated Video Personalization that Adapts to Billions of Unique Viewers.

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Video Marketing

  • 157% Increase in Organic Traffic from Search Engines
  • 54% Increase in Brand Awareness


  • 20% Average Increase in Sales
  • 93% of companies see an increase in conversion rates

Video Personalization

  • 35% Increase in Retention Rate
  • 231% More Page Views

Power Customer Success with Data Driven Loyalty Videos

As more of your customer communications are digitized and automated, personalizing that content keeps the relationships with your customers feeling human.

Video is the Norm, Personalization is the Expectation

Consumers today expect their digital experiences to be personally relevant and video is no exception. Vedia’s automation enables brands to meet those expectations with automated video ‘mail merge’ so they can deliver the right message at the right time through contextually relevant videos at scale.

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Vedia's dashboard allows you to use your CRM data to create hyper-personalized videos to engage and empower users.

Transform Your Data Sets into Highly Personalized Video Experiences

Improvements in the customer experience through video personalization can be achieved with simple first party data from your CRM and evolve to layer in second and third party data sources for more granular touchpoints. Just remember, it’s a process not a campaign and the journey towards full funnel video personalization begins with a simple hello.

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Utilize data to improve the customer experience and craft videos for every part of the customer journey.

Data Driven Video for Every Step of the Customer Journey

Mapping video content to the buyer journey increases sales, improves retention and drives loyalty by nurturing prospects and converting them into customers and turning customers into brand ambassadors. Vedia enables brands to create data driven videos for every part of the funnel from awareness down to retention and upselling.

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Use Vedia to increase sales, retention and drive loyalty, by using videos at every step of the customer journey. Use Vedia to increase sales, retention and drive loyalty, by using videos at every step of the customer journey.

Getting Started

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Mapout customer journey to determine where video personalization create the most value


Identify the data points you want to leverage and how to make them actionable


Establish if you want to edit existing dynamic video templates or design a video journey from scratch