Oscar Healthcare Ads helped push the brand into the limelight.When planning creative marketing campaigns to help build your brand, there is always a race to come up with the most innovative, exciting way to get in front of and engage your ideal clients.

Some of the most creative brands out there these days are using personalized video in their campaigns to attract and engage people with their brands.

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At first glance, a personalized video campaign may seem like an impossible task. While it’s true there are lots of moving parts to a personalized video campaign, it’s not as hard as it seems to put together.

Use your creative side to generate ideas for personalized video marketing in your industry — by Richa Arora

In order to give you some insight into what you can do with personalized video, today we want to share with you 3 industries that are using personalized video in their marketing campaigns and how they are using it.

Personalized Videos Used In The Retail Industry

With so many competitors in the retail industry, consumers have shifted their approach to doing research before they purchase.

They want to learn about a product, see what others have had to say about it and do enough of this research to reasonably feel comfortable that they are making the right choice.

This customer journey is even more important if the item they are looking to purchase is a big-ticket item.

lowes personalized marketing campaign
Here’s Lowe’s Personalized Marketing Microsite

Lowe’s hardware stores executed a great personalized video buying guide series that they share with potential customers researching big-ticket items. The videos solve issues the consumer may be facing.

Using Video to Cover Customer Concerns

For instance, if a viewer is looking for a floor lamp to upgrade the look of their living room and are searching Lowe’s site, there is a video they can click on to learn more about floor lamps.

personalized survey
Lowes was able to create a personalized process off of animated survey

After watching the video, the viewer learns what types of lamp shades allow the most light to be cast in a room and which types of floor lamps are the best for ambient lighting.

This video is not one someone would typically want to watch, but it was targeted to people that have a specific problem they are trying to solve and it gave them valuable advice to help them solve that problem.

Here’s another example of a personalized video that showcases a customers loyalty points and specials for the store: 

This approach is great for Lowe’s. Their brand is all about being the “go-to” source for DIY homeowners. What better way to establish themselves as the supplier option for these DIY’ers than by educating them with great video content that is targeted to the problems they are trying to solve?

Promote Education and Thought Leadership Instead of Brand

Remember, you are trying to educate, attract, engage, and delight prospective customers with these videos.

You should use content to educate attract delight and engage customers
The folks at Hubspot agree that this is the ideal inbound marketing model

In all instances of these videos on Lowe’s website, they don’t tell the consumer explicitly that they should be shopping at Lowe’s.

Instead, they educate the consumer with tips on how they can solve their problems. Being educational and not “salesy” makes these videos highly engaging.

Get Creative With The Video Strategy 

Even though you are striving to be educational in these videos, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative to help them build your bottom line with products or services that may be underperforming for your company.

The Best Tactics To Boost Your Video Promotion Strategy

For instance, in the prior example, if Lowe’s had a couple of floor lamps that they had excess inventory of, featuring that floor lamp in the video may help them sell more of those lamps.

Personalized Video for Government Agencies

When one says “government agency”, it doesn’t exactly strike a feeling of excitement into people. When is the last time you went to your local municipality’s website to read their blog for instance? Our guess is never. 

Just because government agencies aren’t known for being exciting though doesn’t mean that there aren’t examples out there of local government agencies that are doing exciting things with personalized video.

Suwanee, Georgia is a great example of this. After being listed as one of the best small communities to live in, the city was experiencing great growth.

There were lots of businesses opening up in town, lots of new jobs coming in and as a result a great demand for new housing. The unintended consequence of all this success was the city officials were faced with how to keep up with the pace of these new demands.

Faced with these problems, and wanting to keep citizens still feeling that Suwanee was one of the best small communities to live in, they decided they needed community feedback.

They wanted to know what was great about their town, what people hated about their town and what people wished would happen in the future with their town. This is a big undertaking.

What is Customer Engagement Marketing?

Most “normal” municipalities would simply send out a direct mail survey, or set up an online forum and solicit advice. The problem with this is it is a “regular old boring” way of doing things that city municipalities would usually handle things.

Suwanne didn’t do this. Instead, they retained Interface Studio to create engaging development videos that were actually projected directly on vacant buildings in town that were on the plan to be redeveloped.

Suwanee Government — used personalized marketing to engage a city
Suwanee Government — used personalized marketing to engage a city and introduce new initiatives

The videos invited citizens to go to a special website that was set up for the development project and asked the town’s citizens to go to it in their spare time and give their thoughts and opinions.

This is a highly unusual, creative way to drive engagement for a topic that is seen by many as dull.

Encourage Involvement In Creative Ways

This personalized video project was so successful because it took something that could be seen by many as boring and turned it on its head with visually compelling, interesting creative that demanded people’s attention, made them curious and compelled them to go online and share their input.

Build Relationships With Prospects And Customers Using Personalized Marketing

Even more, it ensured that Suwanee wasn’t going to lose sight of what originally helped them get to the status of one of the best small towns to live in. Their citizens.

Focus on Highlighting Individuals Feedback 

This example is the personification of taking a new approach, to a tired, old idea.

The Future of Customer-Centric Marketing

Suwanee could have just started an online forum, or plastered posters across town asking for people to go online to a website to give feedback.

The truth is very few people would have seen that message and for those that did, it most likely wouldn’t resonate with them. This approach was novel and drove engagement.

Personalized Video For The Healthcare Industry

Sometimes, personalized video is great for taking a complex product or service and breaking it down into digestible chunks that are easier for consumers to understand.

Oscar Healthcare Advertising
Oscar Healthcare Ads helped push the brand into the limelight.

Healthcare is one of those industries that is full of confusion and uncertainty. While that may be the case, very few healthcare providers have harnessed the power of video personalization to make things easier for their customers.

Everything You’ll Need To Know About Personalized Marketing

Oscar is a forward-thinking health insurance company that wanted to simplify healthcare for their customers and potential customers, making it easier for them to understand plans.

When you visit the Oscar Plan webpage, you are greeted with a video of a smiling person beside each different type of coverage.

Here’s what their online video ads look like:

The descriptive text on their chart is easy to understand. Also, for those that don’t absorb the written word as well as others, the video by each coverage option explains things in real, everyday words that anyone can understand.

Stand Out and Be Different

Video personalization in and of itself is different. But when you apply this “different” form of marketing with a tactic that has largely never been done by anyone in your industry (as this health care example exhibits), you’ll make your prospects more informed, at ease and willing to make the decision to work with you.

Quick Tip for “Being Different” as a Brand

When reviewing your website, look for any hard to understand services or concepts.

If you can script a video to go along with that content, you will be informing your prospects and making them comfortable with something that they may not otherwise understand.

What Can You Do With Video Personalization For Your Brand?

Personalized video presents a fantastic opportunity to have deeper, more engaging interactions with your customers and leads.

What is Customer Engagement Marketing?

Programmatic video tools will help you do this at scale. The more engagement you can drive with personalized video across all your digital channels, the greater your customer retainment will be and the larger your pipeline of potential customers will be.

How is Personalization Being Used In Your Industry? 

Every industry is completely different and may lag behind when it comes to progressive marketing practices.

As mentioned in some of our previous work, personalization is somewhat new and a lot of marketers are going all out to make sure that they can beat the competition.

Have you started to use services (like Vedia.ai) to instantly generate dynamic videos for your prospects and customers?


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